Stock at the port of Regensburg - Regensburger Hafensilo GmbH


Regensburger Hafensilo GmbH
Budapester Str. 3
93055 Regensburg (Westhafen)      
Phone: 0941/60712766
Fax: 0941/46105603

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 7 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Coordination of loading/unloading is absolutely needed!                            

Contact persons on-site:

Andreas Hagen Regensburger Hafensilo RHS

Karsten Lein



Andreas Hagen

Karsten Lein

Krzysztof Krol

Wolfgang Lederer


Capacity of stock:                     22.000 to
Performance of approval:            200 to/h
Performance of cleaning:            200 to/h
Performance of drying: 
corn                                           18 to/h
grain                                          55 to/h
truck, ship, train                        200 to/h


The former Club mash company was taken over by Regensburger Hafensilo GmbH in 2007. The existing silos were destroyed and reconstructed after an intensive search for bombs. Furthermore, the conveying machinery was modernised and rebuilt, so now everything can be regulated by computer.

In Regensburg we have the possibility to load/unload ships and trucks and of the lighterage of ships.

Bayernhof partly took over one of the two proprieters and now owns app. 75% of RHS.

The second grain hopper could be linked in 2017 by structural alteration works. The additional unloading performance is now up to 150 to/h. Another advantage is that there`s no more change of products at the main grain hopper during the harvest and the waiting time can be shortened up from harvest 2018.

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Regensburger Hafensilo

Regensburger Hafensilo 1

Regensburger Hafensilo Schiffsverladung

Regensburger Hafensilo Schiffsverladung 1

Regensburger Hafensilo Schiffsverladung 2