Stock at the port of Würzburg - Mainfrankensilo Würzburg GmbH


MFS – Mainfranken-Silo
Würzburg GmbH          
Friedrich-König-Str. 24 a
97080 Würzburg

Phone: 0931/96295
Fax: 0931/97161

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 6:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Coordination of loading/unloading is absolutely needed 1 day in advance!


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Contact persons on-site:



Tobias Hammerschmidt

 Robert Lohne


Capacity of stock:              23.000 to  
Performance of approval:    180 to/h
Performance of cleaning:     100 to/h   
Performance of drying: 
corn                                     3 to/h,
grain                                   10 to/h  
loading/unloading:           truck, ship


This stock was built before World War II. The building was taken over by Bayernhof in 2008 after the insolvency of Hugo Hack GmbH. Afterwards, the performance of approval was improved and the cleaning and grain hopper were modernised. Ships can be loaded through a 200 m conveying machinery which leads subterranean to the Main.

In Würzburg we have the possibility to load/unload ships and trucks and of the lighterage of ships.

In 2016 Bayernhof and the producer groups Würzburg Süd, Würzburg West, Würzburg Durum and Kitzingen were able to earn 100% of the shares in a business.

New building of 10.000 tons storage silos:
In 2018 3 silos with each 3.500 tons of storage capacity were built with the promotion of ELER. The money of this fund are given by Bavaria, Germany and the EU. The silos are connected to the old building by tunnels.

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MFS Mainfrankensilo Würzburg

Mainfrankensilo Würzburg

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