You offer us your grain

You have different possibilities to offer us your grain:

  • current price request:
    During the year you can offer us your grain and we inform you about the current prices.
  • offer after the harvest:
    After the harvest you can offer us your grain. We register this offer in our database, so you don`t sell your grain to us but give us the chance, dependent on the situation of the markets, to make you a proposal for it.
  • binder:
    You offer us your grain before the harvest and get the current price. So you will get this price in guarantee even if prices decrease during the harvest.

Please give us the following information at every offer:

  • product
  • quantity
  • quality (if known)
  • time of delivery/pickup 
  • technique of loading and - as may be the case -  constraints (for example height).

If you agree with our offer you will get a signed contract by fax or email.



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