Stock at the port of Straubing 


Bayernhof GmbH         
Hafensilo Straubing
Am Donauhafen 5
94315 Straubing/Sand

Phone: 09421/7899024
Fax: 09421/7899025   

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Coordination of loading/unloading is absolutely needed!

Contact persons on-site:

Helmut Vielreicher

Markus Rötzer

Platzhalter Platzhalter

Helmut Vielreicher

Markus Rötzer

Daniel Schwinghammer    Tony Busz


Capacity of stock:                26.000 to
Performance of approval: 2 x 130 to/h
Performance of cleaning:       200 to/h 
Performance of drying:
corn                                       11 to/h
grain                                      36 to/h  
loading/unloading: truck, ship 200 to/h

Loading and unloading of organic wheat and organic rye possible.


At the end of November 2011 Bayernhof bought the former pellet company Enviva at Straubing-Sand. After intensive measures of rebuilding and expansion the stock started running in spring 2012.
In 2013 the measures of rebuilding were finished. At the end of the year it was decided that Bayernhof will cooperate with the Raiffeisen Straubing refering to the acquisition of the quantities as a service. During the year 2014 the Raiffeisen will expand the stock at port about ca. 7.000 tons.

In the stock at the port of Straubing we have the possibility to load/unload ships and trucks and of the lighterage of ships.

To live up to expactations on the handling of bio-goods, the stock was bio-certified in 2017. Furthermore, a peeler for spelt wheat was installed.

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Bayernhof stock at port of Straubing

Hafen Straubing-Sand

Straubing Hafensilo 1

Straubing Hafensilo

Hafen Straubing

Straubing Sand Hafen

Hafen Straubing 2

Straubing Hafensilo Luftbild

Straubing Sand Hafengelände