Stock at Giebelstadt


Bayernhof GmbH                            
Lager Giebelstadt
Flugplatzstr. 16
97232 Giebelstadt

Phone: 09334/1434

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 8-12 a.m. (and according to agreement)

Coordination of loading/unloading is absolutely needed!


Contact person on-site:


Robert Lohne


Capacity of stock:                 2.000 to   
Performance of approval:       80 to/h 
Performance of drying:               -    
loading/unloading:                  truck 


This stock is property of Bayernhof since 1992. It was bought because of its central location near Ochsenfurth which is known for its best grain qualities. The grain is mainly exported to Italy by truck.


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Lagerhaus Giebelstadt

Bayernhof Lagerhaus Giebelstadt