Bayernhof deals with all grains of its producer groups and their members as well as of farmers who are non-members.

The main focus of our trading is:

  • wheat for local mills and for export (especially Benelux and Italy)
  • rye for local mills and for export
  • feed grain like wheat, barley, oat, triticale and corn for regional demand and for export
  • malting wheat and malting barley, based on contract and as free goods
  • durum wheat and spelt 
  • afterproducts of mills like bran, glumes, feed flour, colza cake, soy grist
  • oleiferous fruits like rapeseed and sunflowers 
  • legumes like peas and non-GMO soy beans 
  • organic grains based on binder or without binder (DE-ÖKO-024)
  • regional programs for grain, also in the eco-sector.



Konjunktur: Moderater Aufschwung für Ernährungsindustrie

Kaliumdüngung: An Fruchtfolge und Boden anpassen

Hitzesensoren: Die wohltemperierte Pflanze

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