Bayernhof GmbH - from the startups until now


Building of stock for bulk cargo at Mühlhausen, appr. 1.200 to stock capacity


Building of stock for bulk cargo at Straubing, appr. 1.500 to stock capacity

Building of stock für bulk cargo at oil mill Mühlhausen

Increase of capacity of the presses at Mühlhausen for organic rape seed and organic sunflowers
Increase of stock capacity for vegetable oil to appr. 280 to
Acquisition of the stock at Geiselhöring
modernisation to computer-controlled material handling
increase of loading performance
integration of scales

Acquisition of the oil mill at Mühlhausen

Acquisition of the Bayernhof truck


Acquisition of the 2. truck by Bayernhof Trans

Beginning of alteration of MFS Mainfrankensilo Würzburg

2017/2018 stock at Straubing:
installation of peeler for spelt wheat to the turn of the year

stock at Würzburg:
beginning of planning of the modernisation and expansion of the stock

stock at Regensburg:
improvement of the connection of the grain hopper, so the second unloading rail and the cleaning can be used separately
increase of the unloading performance from 150 to/h to 300 to/h

stock at Straubing:
the stock was bio-certified

2016/2017 stock at Hankofen:
increase of the stock capacity of 1.600 to
increase of the performance of the peeler for spelt wheat to about 15.000 to/year

stock at Hankofen:
the stock was bio-certified

stock at Würzburg:
acquire of 100% of the shareholdings by Bayernhof and the producer groups Würzburg Süd, Würzburg West, Würzburg Durum and Kitzingen.


stock at Hankofen:
installation of peeler for spelt wheat
starting of the new grain hopper with a performance of 75 to/h
expansion of the stock of 1 silo compartment with about 2.000 to capacity

Acquistion of the 1. truck by Bayernhof Trans


cooperation treaty for handling with the Raiffeisen Straubing 

demolition of the second press at the Regensburger Hafensilo


building of the conveying machinery to the port and of a 3.500 mt silo at Straubing-Sand

buildung of the second dryer at the Regensburger Hafensilo


renovation and startup of the stock at the port of Straubing-Sand

building of the dryer at Mühlhausen


buy of the former pellet company Enviva at Straubing-Sand

expansion of the office building at Hankofen

expansion of the stock at the port of Mühlhausen by another 1.200 mt silo

2008 buy of Mainfrankensilo Würzburg incl. possibility of the loading of ships at the Main
2007 take-over of Regensburger Hafensilo at the Danube (Regensburg Westhafen)

building of stock at the port of Mühlhausen incl. the possibility of the loading of ships at the

buy and holding of the stock at Feldkirchen (near Munich) incl. railway siding for the handling of trains

2001 building of the office at Hankofen
1999 take-over of the former stock of the Strohmeier family at Hankofen
1992 buy of the stock at Giebelstadt
1989 founding of Bayernhof GmbH