Stock at Hankofen


Bayernhof GmbH               
Lager Hankofen
Prof.-Reger-Str. 22
94339 Hankofen

Phone.: 09426/852180
Fax: 09426/852188         

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri       8-12 a.m. + 1-4 p.m.

Loading/Unloading only after agreement!


Capacity of stock:                app. 6.000 to    
Performance of approval:     2 x 75 to/h
Performance of drying:                -
loading/unloading:                   truck

Loading and unloading of organic spelt wheat possible.


This stock was taken over from the Strohmeier family by Bayernhof in 1999.
Our central office is located here.
The grain is bought and sold here. Before delivery the logistics is synchronised in the stocks on-site. Furthermore, this stock is still used because it has different boxes for the phandling of special qualities and products.

To live up to expactations on spelt wheat (after dehusking), a peeler for spelt was installed in 2015. To handle the volume of the spelt (untreated), a second grain hopper was started up.

To have enough stock capacity for spelt during the harvest, the stock capacity will gradually be increased to 6.000 to until 2018.

Office Hankofen (main office):

The office has an expanse of 600 m² on two floors with 22 workplaces (thereof three in the laboratory), a recreation room and two conference rooms. The marketing and logistics of grain and the laboratory examination of grain samples take place here.


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